Bicycle School for Teens and Adults

Bicycle School for Teens and Adults

Passionate about sharing the joy that comes from cycling, the Riviera Bicycle School is the perfect way to learn how to change gears, climb (and descend!) hills, check and change tyres, pedal correctly and experience how to train the right way.
A perfect gift idea for any rider of any age and experience you can be assured of a personalised, supportive experience.

A life-long cyclist, teacher, educator and amateur athlete with a deep knowledge of the French Riviera roads, riding with Nick during a Bicycle School is the perfect way to build confidence and have fun on the bike.

Each Bicycle School is bespoke and individually suited to an individuals learning process and their interests. Pricing varies from 200€ to 250€ per day for a full-day program including a bike position adjustment.

There are options for everyone, from beginners to advanced cyclists so get in touch.

” You can contact me via SMS, WhatsApp or social media.
I can usually a guarantee a response within 24 hours “