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Travel Bike Boxes for cyclists visiting the French Riviera.

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Travel Bike Boxes for cyclists visiting the French Riviera

Our Boxes are robust cardboard, with hard foam reinforced corners and center, soft foam protection, for frames and wheels, supports and robustly taped edges.
A freight service is also available for your bikes via our UPS partner here in Nice.

Your Bike Box is available to be picked up in Nice, close to the Port and 300 meters from Café du Cycliste;
The exact address will be sent to you via WhatsApp or message once your order has been concluded.

Bike Box dates
During the checkout process you will be asked to choose a date to accept your Bike Box.
This date will correspond to the day you will need to pick up your Bike Box, NOT your holiday dates!

• Bike Box (robust cardboard dimensions 130cm x 25cm x 80cm) 100€

Transport of bikes to hotels/residence/airport can also be arranged with our transport partner.

Note ; All care is taken that your bike will be packed and arrive at it’s destination, but we accept no responsibility for your bicycles safety during transport.
Please make sure your bike is covered by your travel insurance!

Additional information

Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 130 × 28 × 80 cm