Nick Marshall Bicycle Consultant

The First Bicycle Consultancy for clients on the French Riviera.
We will support you in your purchase journey starting from the consultation session until handover using several processes such as: Sizing, Research, Comparisons, Shortlisting, Models, Test rides, Pricing and Bikefitting.


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About the Riviera Bicycles consultancy service

“I want to ride my biycle”
Yes you do, but choosing the right bike for road, triathlon or gravel and bikepacking has never been more confusing – especially when purchasing through local bike shops here in the South of France.
To make sure your purchase and ride experience matches your expectations Nick Marshall offers you a personalised, knowledgeable and supportive pre-and-post sale bicycle consultancy service.

From discussing your ideal bike, then to size testing, brand choice, model and equipment, then all the way through to bike shop choice and bikefitting, Nick helps you step-by-step all the way through to that magical first ride.

Nick has extensive experience riding, racing and working with cyclists, mechanics and bike shops in French and English with his group of cycling services including bikefitting, cycling tours and coaching. Fluent in French, Nick works independently of any one shop and gives you unbiased, experienced, client-oriented service to help you get the best deal on your perfect bike.

English speaking bicycle repairs

Your 100% English speaking bicycle service on the French Riviera.
Have your bike serviced, cleaned and tuned with a pick-up and drop-off service* to make sure your bike is always at it’s best!
Ensuring your bikes care to someone you can trust and talk to adds a positive note to your French Riviera cycling experience.
We use only the best products for your bike, and maintain an open communication to make sure you are up-to-date as the work progresses.

Cleaning and degreasing ; 50€chain, cassette, derailleur, brakes, wheels, rotors and cables degreased, cleaned and re-lubricated.
Servicing ; 100€cleaning and degreasing, cable and brake pad replacement, wheel and spoke verification, gear tuning and indexing.
Upgrading ; pricing by quotation – gear, brake and wheel upgrades, electronic shifting, custom colours and painting.

Mobile bicycle repair service
Children’s bikes, road bikes, triathlon or urban bikes, I come to you and get the job done with no fuss.
Simple fee structure: 30€ call-out fee (Biot, Antibes, Cannes, Grasse) and 60€ per hour (1 hour minimum) not including parts.

French Riviera Cycling Tours

Cycling tours of dazzling coastal routes and breathtaking mountain passes… all close to Nice! Read more and book your road or gravel cycle tour.

From San-Remo to Cassis, on road or gravel, ride some of the worlds best cycling routes with an experienced cycling guide with first-class customer service. Read some reviews on TripAdvisor.

You can also follow me on Strava!

Cycling Mont Ventoux under the Provincial Sun

Womens French Riviera cycling services

Womens cycling and bike equipment, including frame material and textiles is now at a level that allows for a hugely improved ride experience than that compared to only a decade ago.
Seat profiles, shoe design, bib short technology and frame touch points can be chosen and optimised before purchase and then refined post-sale with a consultation and follow-up private bikefitting session with Nick.

By choosing a cycling consultation with Nick you will be guaranteed personalised support as you choose your bike and equipment, and then as you enter into the purchase phase. Nick works extensively with Riviera bike shops in French and English and will be there to help you avoid the pitfalls associated with purchases in a second language so you are assured the bike and equipment you have paid for, avoiding any unwelcome surprises.

You can also follow me on Strava!

Bike and Frame sizing choice

Cycling happiness starts with the right size bike!
Don’t be fooled by online sizing charts, innerseam formulas or sales people peddling a glittering bike that is “perfect for you size” after taking a hasty set of measurements.

All cyclists are highly individual and the right sized bike is a 100% dependent on your background, strengths, weaknesses, injuries and experience rather than a measurement.

Bike sizing using the Wattbike
To test and confirm your perfect road, triathlon, gravel or urban bike size, we use a professional-grade Wattbike at le lab cycling, Nice.
Using a series of muscular tests we have devised for clear muscle indication and around 15-20 minutes of varied pedaling cycles (nothing too hard!), at the end of the session we will have a clear starting point for choosing the frame, geometry, brand and bike shop that can deliver the correct bike for you.