About Nick Marshall cycling consult

About Nick Marshall cycling consult

Passionate about sharing the joy that comes from riding the perfect bike, Nick is a life-long cyclist and amateur athlete.

After coming to France over 15 years ago, Nick immersed himself in European cycling culture and began racing with Team Chatou Cyclisme in B & C grades for around 5 years in the Paris region.

I was the only English speaker in a 100% French peloton which was a real eye-opener and an experience I will treasure forever

Partner in the St Germain en Laye studio Yoga Mala with his wife Yuko Harmegnies, Nick began introducing Bikefitting and biomechanics to his clients while also developing breathing programs for Asthma and Altitude.

This led to a move to the French Riviera where he has further developed and refined his renowned Bikefitting services and Trained in France cycle tours.
An avid trail runner, Nick is a previous winner of the Great Wall of China Trail Race and has started competing in local ski and shoot Biathlon races ‘for fun’.

This deep sporting experience and desire to help others reach their best has led to the birth of Riviera Bicycles – your one-stop cycling consultation service with one goal: Professional advice to enhance your cycling pleasure.